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Need a CFO to look at the books? Why not rent one?

Todd Eichholz, CEO of A&A Paving, faced challenges finding a suitable CFO until he turned to Third Road Management, a company offering part-time CFO services tailored for midsize businesses. With the aim to fill a critical position without the overhead of a full-time hire, Third Road provides experienced CFOs who spend one to three days a week with clients, offering expertise and cultural fit. This approach, becoming increasingly popular post-pandemic, provides credibility and accelerates growth for businesses seeking investment. The flexibility of part-time CFOs suits specific projects like acquisitions, sales, or joint ventures, although some caution against potential focus dilution with multiple clients. Founded by John Frank, Third Road’s model emerged from a need to streamline operations and has since grown to serve clients across seven states, predominantly in family-owned businesses with revenues ranging from $5 million to $100 million. With its industry-agnostic approach, Third Road emphasizes the importance of tailored solutions backed by a collective expertise, ensuring clients receive comprehensive support beyond traditional CFO services.

“After burning through four employees in the chief financial officer position in four years, Todd Eichholz, owner and CEO of A&A Paving in Roselle, decided to go smaller to fill that big position…”

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