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Thinking About Selling Your Business in a Few Years? Here are 5 Steps You Should Act Upon Today.

For the majority of business owners the focus is upon maximizing the valuation of the business to capture their long-term investment of time and money in the business they built to provide retirement security. But how does a business owner maximize the value of the business?

Our EIDL & PPP Loan Applications are Submitted…Now What?

Every business is in a unique position, so there is no way to develop a “one size fits all” description of what every business should do in these turbulent social and economic times; however, here’s a list of ideas that we think you can consider to help lead your organization through this crisis.

Spin the “Wheel of Fortune”…a Simple Exercise to Identify Revenue Opportunities

As simple as that sounds, in practice a lack of time, energy and focus can leave businesses in a rut of fresh ideas to keep the new sales coming in.

Measuring KPI’s: the Fewest Number of Battles Required to Win the War

There are many great resources (books, videos, blogs, etc.) out there that might be of additional assistance to you on this topic, but for our purposes we are going to try to keep this short to the main points.

How to Create Value and Mitigate Risk Through a Business Succession Plan

Essentially a business succession plan is a pre-mapped plan for how your business should continue operating in the event of your retirement, incapacitation or death. Here are three reasons why creating a business succession plan is important:

The Business Start-Up Primer You’ve Been Asking For

Hello Friends!  We frequently receive inquiries from aspiring entrepreneurs about the process that is involved with starting a small business, which can be daunting if you’ve never done it before or do not know the steps involved.  We’ve therefore decided…

The Top 5 Things That Businesses Can Learn From Non-Profits

Today at lunch I realized that April 15, 2016 marks the 3-year anniversary of my resignation from a Wall Street institutional fixed income sales desk to join the staff of an 18-month old church.  Throughout the course of those 3…

Finding A New Road

The spirit and excitement of entrepreneurship has always run thick in the mind of President & CEO, John Frank.  In the first 13 years of his career on Wall Street, while he was busy providing advisory services for, or investing…

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