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Fractional CFO and accounting services for small to mid-sized businessees
Leveraging top accounting and CFO talent through fractional CFO services offers small and mid-sized businesses a strategic advantage that can significantly accelerate growth and enhance financial stability. Fractional CFOs are not merely external consultants; they integrate deeply with your leadership team, providing tailored financial strategies and insights that are aligned with your company’s unique goals and challenges.

Fractional CFO

Our accomplished, proven CFO’s support you strategically, financially and operationally in taking your business to its preferred future. Serving as your trusted advisor to overcome the challenges that all businesses face.

Scenarios Where Our Fractional CFOs Can Help
  • You know you need a strong CFO but only 1-3 days per week
  • Turnover and/or retirement has provided a fresh opportunity to re-imagine the financial office
  • Recognition that the existing team is limited in expertise and insight providing skills
  • Experiencing rapid growth and need help navigating strategically, financially and operationally
  • The business needs to be stabilized prior to issues with lenders or investors
  • Preparing for a sale of the business in the next 3-5 years
  •  When you want our external team to operate your entire financial office
Business Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Our experienced accounting team ensures the financial health of your organization by maintaining accurate, clean and timely financial records.  Our capabilities range from day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll, and AP/AR management to tax/audit support, treasury management and controllership.

Scenarios Where Our Accounting Services Can Help
  • The organization has grown to a point where the existing team is out over their skis
  • You are doing the accounting when you should be focused on growing the business
  • The numbers and financial reporting are a mess and provide no visibility into the real results of the business
  • Turnover and/or retirement has provided a fresh opportunity to re-imagine the financial office
  • The current team takes too long to provide you with financial results
  • You need to professionalize your financial results to pursue a loan and/or attract investors

Not Exactly Sure Which Service Is Right For You?

That is because the lines between CFO responsibilities and accounting services can be grey and change from business to business.  To help bring clarity as to which is right for your business, we’ve created this chart to help provide guidance on our view as to which role is responsible for specific CFO suite responsibilities.

Contact a Fractional CFO in Chicago, IL

Still Unsure Of What You Need?

Let’s chat and learn more about your business and particular needs.  We love tailoring solutions to meet the challenges or knowledge gaps that exist in your business today.  Let us help take you from where you are to where you want to be.