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Every business is unique to itself.  There are no “one size fits all” solutions to helping these organizations reach their objectives.  That is why we have built a seasoned, dynamic and diverse team, in addition to a full suite of service offerings, that can be tailored to meet each organization’s objectives.

We offer three service offerings within the CFO suite:

Fractional CFO
Fractional CFO

Our accomplished, proven CFO’s support you strategically, financially and operationally in taking your business to its preferred future.

Fractional Controller
Fractional Controller

Our accomplished controllers ensure the financial health of your organization by maintaining accurate, clean and timely financial records while also delivering informative financial reporting and managing your business’ accounting staff.

Fractional Bookkeeper
Fractional Bookkeeper

Outsource your day-to-day bookkeeping to one of Third Road Management’s bookkeeping specialists.

Not Sure Exactly Which Service You Need?

That is because the lines between CFO, Controller and Bookkeeper responsibilities can be grey and change from business to business.  To help bring clarity as to which service is right for your business, we’ve created this chart to help provide guidance on our view as to which role is responsible for specific CFO suite responsibilities. 

Unique Position Responsibilities

CFO Controller Bookkeeper
Advisor to CEO/Owner(s) Responsible for Overall Cleanliness & Accuracy Expense Reimbursements
Develops 1, 3, and 5-Year Strategic Growth Models Prepares Monthly Reporting Package Maintaining Supporting Records
Business Process Optimization Manages Job Costing Track W9’s & Sends 1099’s
Risk Management Pays Sales Tax Maintains Donor Records (non-profit)
Establishes & Tracks KPI’s Assists With Audit or Tax Preparation Sends Donor Statements (non-profit)
Enterprise Value Creation
Leads Execution of Strategic Projects

Collaborative Accounting Responsibilities

CFO Controller Bookkeeper
Manages Controller Manages & Trains Bookkeeper(s) Works Independently
Creates Policies Enforces Policies Follows Policies
Analyzes Results Closes Books (Journal Entries) Reconciles Bank & Credit Card Statements
Creates Budget Manages Budget Enters Budget
Creates Chart of Accounts Manages Chart of Accounts Follows Chart of Accounts
Asks Questions Answers Questions Researches Questions
Measures DSO’s Manages Aging & Collections Accounts Receivable—Invoicing & Cash Application
Measures DPO’s Manages Aging & Approves Disbursements Accounts Payable—Prepares Check Runs
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