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Fractional Controller

"An accomplished Fractional Controller seamlessly fills the gap between the limitations in accounting capabilities of a bookkeeper and the strategic leadership of a CFO. While these roles are within the same CFO suite, the skill sets that set them apart are quite different." -John Frank, CEO of Third Road Management

The Third Road Management Advantage


We recruit and retain accomplished controllers that are strategic, relationally intelligent, and knowledgeable about best practices for mid-sized organizations.


We have layers of oversight and a deep bench providing stability in a critical role.


We continuously invest in our team through training and the sharing of best practices.


We offer confidential, reliable, independent, and objective feedback to our business partners.

The Mid-Sized Organization Controller Hiring Trap

  1. Organization recognizes that its bookkeeper has been stretched beyond his/her accounting abilities.
  2. Conducts a search to find a full-time controller.
  3. Realizes that accomplished controller candidates are difficult to attract.
  4. Organization hires an average controller.
  5. Missed expectations lead to continued issues and high turnover costs.
Mid-sized Organization Trap

Does this sound familiar?

If so, Third Road Management is uniquely positioned to solve this problem because we employ accomplished controllers who excel at leading across multiple mid-sized organizations.

What are a Fractional Controller's Responsibilities?

  • Cleanliness and Integrity of Financial Results
  • Monthly Closings (including accruals and journal entries)
  • Prepare Monthly Financial Reporting Package
  • Manages Job Costing
  • Maintains Meaningful Chart of Accounts
  • Manage and Train Bookkeepers
  • Pays Sales Tax
  • Assists with Audit & Tax Preparation
  • Manages Collections
  • Approves Disbursements
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