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Amy Storm and Company

If you’re a small business, you’re well aware of how many hats you have to wear on a daily basis. Some, you may wear well. Some just aren’t the right fit. Once we recognized that we needed help with our financial strategies and general operations, we looked to Third Road. Over the last couple of years, our business has absolutely been transformed by their strategic and financial management leadership. They have become an integral part to our continued business success and our business health wouldn’t be where it is today without them.

-Josh Storm, Creative Director

Third Road has made a lasting impact on our organization both operationally and financially. Before our engagement, we lacked a clear plan for reaching our financial targets, but with your help, we were able to identify priorities, create accountability, and execute for results.

Reid Hutchison, Director of Operations

HOH Water Technology
Mission Church in Bloomingdale, IL

I cannot imagine where our organization would be without the impact and influence of TRM. If you lead a growing organization, you will inevitably find yourself reinventing and reorganizing faster than you expected. With each iteration, Third Road Management guided us with great wisdom and strategic thinking on how to take things to the next level without deviating from our purpose, principles and mission.

-Jon Peacock, Lead Pastor

My name is Jerry Freund, President of MidAmerican Printing Systems, Inc.  We are a commercial printing company located in the West Town area of Chicago, IL.  About two years ago our CFO abruptly resigned.  John Frank of Third Road Management was interviewed and hired to deal with this triage situation.  The original plan was to hire a replacement for the position.  John orchestrated a solution that resulted in $80,000 in annual savings to the company.  I immediately hired TRM on a monthly retainer to assist with other projects.  John has helped the firm with revenue generation, the development of a new website, the establishment of a robust digital marketing program, lead-generation efforts, sales accountability initiatives, assistance with complicated HR issues, cash flow management, the reduction in borrowing costs by 200 basis points, monthly financial statement analysis, and more.  The bottom line is that since our partnership with TRM began in May 2014 revenue have risen 27%, our TTM EBITDA has grown 217%, and our total leverage has decreased from 5.6x to 0.8x. Through it all,  John has been a great friend, someone who has our family interests top of mind.  If you want to grow your business … John Frank and TRM will get the job DONE!

-Jerry Freund, President

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Though we always knew John was a sharp guy, it didn’t hit home until we sat down with Third Road Management to discuss his first engagement with our company.  John’s quick wit, forthright questioning, and immediate grasp of our company in a matter of minutes was amazing.  It was almost as if an industry veteran was sitting across the table from us 10 minutes after the meeting started.  John and his team at Third Road were instrumental in a marketing overhaul that including bringing clarity and language to our vision, rebranding and a new website for our business.  We look forward to our next engagement with John and his team!

-Scott McNaughton, Principal

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